Wooden toy xylophone - eco friendly toy.
A fun and colourful wooden toy xylophone will provide a fun and developing activity. Children can learn to connect musical tones in simple melodies while developing basic musical skills and coordinating smooth, wooden mallets to create their first masterpiece. In...
£12.99 £9.99
Jungle expedition - wooden toy multi activity table
Designed and made to capture a child’s attention and spark curiosity. This sustainable wooden toy is decorated with colourful images and has many interactive parts. For instance, wooden cogs can be rotated, beads can move along the rails and there...
£46.99 £42.99
Sold Out
Caterpillar - magnetic fishing wooden toy set
A magnetic caterpillar wooden toy. In addition it is made from FSC certified sustainable beech wood and sanded smooth, therefore safe for your little ones. In addition, bold, colourful, eco friendly non toxic paints. Your little one will love trying to...
£23.99 £20.99
Hammer and peg knocker triangle wooden toy
A knocker toy is great for children as it develops coordination, dexterity and attention. The Hammer and Pegs toy features a smooth wooden stand with peg slots. Children must use coordination and a good aim with a provided wooden hammer...
£10.99 £7.99
Rainbow Stackers - Wooden toy.
This wooden stacking toy is ideal for building fine motor skills and dexterity of littles ones. Also, great for introducing colour and size. Made of FSC certified European beech wood, and coloured with non toxic saliva resistant paint.  A classic...
£21.99 £17.99
Learning time - educational wooden toy clock
We all know how important time is – and the ability to tell it can be improved by using this educational wooden toy clock. Children can learn this valuable skill with this educational set. It features a big clock with handles...
£15.99 £13.99
Farm Puzzle 4 in 1.
4 in 1 farm puzzle is great for little children. Assemble the 4 different puzzles, each has 12 pieces, they then join together to make one big farmyard picture. Made from recycled material. Helps build logic, dexterity, and hand eye...
£15.99 £14.99
Hit and jump animals wooden toy.
Our hit and jump animal wooden toy is perfect for littles ones. Made from smooth FSC certified beech wood. 3 cute characters, including a fox, a chick, and a dog. Strike the pedals and make the animals jump up! Helps...
£21.99 £18.99
Wooden toy squeaker car
Little children love playing with cars. Squeaker car is an all-wood rolling car toy brightly coloured with non-toxic water paint. In addition it has a very smooth finish and can be rolled across various surfaces. The top of the car...
£7.50 £6.50
Season & weather 5 in 1 wooden toy activity cube
This universal cube wooden toy combines several toys into one. For instance, on the top the child will find a maze of two curved rails, while the other sides have a xylophone, a sorter game and a different maze, where a wooden...
£41.99 £39.99
Pull along bead maze - Wooden toy
This wooden toy is an excellent combination of two activities for a little child. While the maze portion presents a fun game to move the colourful beads, the wheels allow the toy to be pulled around by a soft string...
£9.99 £8.99
Wooden tool set - with bag.
Our wooden tools are perfect for a budding builder, or carpenter. Build their imagination with this great tool set. Comes with 5 tools, including a saw, screwdriver, and a spanner, along with 9 other pieces like nuts and bolts. Comes...
£15.99 £14.99
Forest Sliding Puzzle Game - Wooden toy.
The forest sliding puzzle game is made from FSC European beech wood. Smooth, and painted with non toxic paint. This game helps build logical thinking and the development of fine motor skills. Comes with recyclable packaging.  Product dimensions - 30...
£21.99 £19.99
Counting Puzzle 1-10.
Check out our cardboard puzzles. Perfect for little ones learning to count. Pair the number with the corresponding correct colour opposite. Great way to help build counting, and colour recognition. 10 puzzles, with 2 pieces each.  Have a look at...
£9.99 £8.99
8 piece Grey wooden play kitchen.
Our beautiful grey wooden kitchen comes with 8 piece of kitchenware. Includes a clock with moving arrows, doors that open and close, knobs that turn and click. Convenient storage space under the sink. Removeable sink for easy and quick clean...
£99.99 £89.99
Pull along toy - Gussy the Caterpillar.
Colourful, fun, pull along toy, perfect for littles ones on the move. Gussy the Caterpillar is coloured with non toxic paint, and made for sustainable wood. Comes with 70cm of cord for little ones to pull around. Articulated body for...
£18.99 £17.99

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