About Us

Who we are

Why we’re here

We founded T & M toys with one simple goal: to source great looking sustainable and eco friendly toys at a good price. As the parents of 2 children ourselves, Toby, 6 and Maddie, 2 1/2 we know children's toys need to be tough, and affordable. Whilst looking, we often couldn’t find reasonably priced, strong toys that were also sustainable or eco-friendly. We care about the future of our children, and the earth they will inherit so sustainability is at the forefront of our product sourcing. We have partnered with 3 suppliers all from Europe as the exclusive UK distributor, toy manufacturers and brands who share our values and vision.

Our company values

Being as helpful and honest as we can be with customers and suppliers. Listening to our customers feedback on new products and anything other matters. Without you, we are ultimately nothing. Taking responsibility and being sustainable where it is possible. We source our products with sustainability in mind, whether it being the wood is FSC certified, or that packaging is eco-friendly or carbon neutral.

The child test

Before committing to new stocked products, we always get our own children to test the toys to make sure they are up to scratch before taking new products on board. If our children don’t like them, or aren’t strong enough for the rough and tumble of children playing we won’t take them forward. Want to get involved in new product testing? Email us at info@tandmtoys.co.uk we’ll pick someone at random to send a new toy to, try it for 2 weeks, give us some feedback and some pictures and we’ll post it on the site against the new product.
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