Bioplastic toys - 20 piece giant stacking toy.

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This is a completely new range of eco-friendly bioplastic toys. “I'm green”, which means made of sustainable bioplastic.

Let's save the environment together! Bioplastic is a high-density polyethylene, which means our toys are made of a minimum 94% sugar cane, a renewable raw material. Therefore “I'm green” polyethylene captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gases emission. In addition, bioplastic toys are just as strong and long lasting in their properties to toys made of traditional plastic. They are non toxic, for instance not containing harmful BPA like a lot of traditional plastic toys. Above all, they are better for the long term outlook of the environment for our children.

In addition all elements have a rounded shape, large elements are convenient for small hands. While playing, the child will be able to build 4 towers of different shapes and colours from the figures, selecting the appropriate hole for the location of the figure. In a large tray it is very convenient to store chips, it also serves as a "foundation" for the future building of the baby. The game is useful for the development of spatial thinking, intelligence and attention of the child, hand motor skills, coordination and dexterity. Helps to study elementary shapes and colours. The toy is safe for children from 1 year. The set includes 20 chips: - 5 mint of the same shape (triangle or circle or pentagon or square) - 5 yellows of the same shape (triangle or circle or pentagon or square) - 5 blue of the same shape (triangle or circle or pentagon or square) - 5 pink of the same shape (triangle or circle or pentagon or square) Chip size (different figures of different shapes) - 6.5-7.5 x 6.5-7.5 cm ELFIKI brand toys are made in delicate trendy colours.

Toy size (CM) L43 X W24 X H13.5

  • Educational, improves logical thinking.
  • Helps build imaginative play.
  • Educational, helps build logic with colour and shape recognition.
  • Non-toxic materials, safe for your little ones. 
  • Suggested age 2 years +.
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Bioplastic toys - 20 piece giant stacking toy.
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