What to include in a picnic?


What to include in a picnic? 

Being in the midst of summer, and an emphasis on staycations, plus Maddie being an age where she will eat sandwiches and other finger food, we have found ourselves going out for a lot more picnics. So, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than take some food outdoors, and find somewhere new to have an adventure. But, what exactly do you need for a picnic? Here are a few suggestions that are tried and tested by us for the past few months. 

A Picnic Blanket. 

Other than the food and drinks, the picnic blanket is arguably the most important thing. Unless you are eating on a picnic bench, the humble picnic blanket will keep you dry and (semi) comfortable. Any good picnic blanket has a waterproof underlining to keep you dry whilst snacking. Something that can roll up compactly is ideal.  

A Picnic Basket, Hamper, Cooler, or Backpack. 

There is plenty of ways to get the food to where you are eating, we tend to arrive just before we plan for dinner, set up, have the picnic, and then go for a walk after. So, we tend to take a cooler bag so we can get fresh food, fruit, yogurts and fruit cups in, but what about other options? 


If you have non-perishable food, and haven't got to walk too far to the place you are having the picnic, a hamper is a nice charming touch. 


When you have a range of food, including things that normally live in the fridge, a cooler is the perfect option. These are also perfect for a hot day on a beach with the family. Keep full of cool refreshing drinks.  


If you are planning on trekking a bit further, for example if you are mountain climbing. A backpack is the ideal choice.  

Plates, Cups, and Utensils. 

We tend to use reusable storage containers to cut down on plastic waste, and take a knife and fork for any foods that need those. The benefit of those is you can eat straight out of them as well. Some kids prefer to eat from plates, so disposable paper plates or reusable bamboo plates are also a good option.  

Ice Packs or Thermos. 

If you are going for a long day out and setting off early, it is a good idea to take ice packs to keep things good and fresh. Likewise, if you bring hot food to your picnic, use a thermos to keep it at a safe temperature to eat. Even on warm days, some kids eat food better when it is warm than chilled.   

Sun lotion. 

Sun and picnics go hand in hand, naturally. Whilst sun lotion actually isn’t the best idea to take on the picnic, it is always a good idea to get a good long-lasting lotion to slather the kids beforehand so you don’t need to worry about little ones (and yourselves) getting burnt. 

Toys or games. 

The kids will inevitably finish their food and get bored often before you do. Therefore, to keep them busy so you can eat up too, bring some games and toys. In addition just set clear ground rules they can play once the picnic is finished.  

So here are our top recommendations for what to include in a picnic. Each to their own, and every kid is different, the import thing is to get out enjoy the great outdoors as a family. Enjoy.  

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