Why choose sustainable toys?


Why choose sustainable toys? 

So first of all, what is a sustainable toy? It is a toy that is essentially made from renewable and natural materials and involves a manufacturing process which does not have a negative impact on the environment such as pollution, release carbon or greenhouse gases, and at the end of its life is able to biodegrade.  

Why do sustainable toys make a difference ?

It is now believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean according to oceancrusaders.org. 

In a world suffering from the devastating consequences of environmental destruction caused by human activity, and single plastic use, sustainability and looking after the natural world is really the only way forward. 

The global toy industry is huge, millions of toys are produced each year and sold throughout the world to support the demands of a growing population – therefore, the choices made by parents when buying toys for children can indirectly have huge impact on the planet. 

T & M’s toys commitment to sustainability. 

All of our toys are made from FSC wood (see our other blog for more info), in addition, they are coloured with eco-friendly paint. We have also invested in stock of bio plastic. A revolution in the toy industry. What is bio-plastic you say? It is a ‘plastic’ derived from a biological substance rather than petroleum. Ours are derived from a minimum of 94% sugar cane. 

How can you be more mindful when buying toys? 

  • Try to avoid plastic toys where possible. Plastic toys are made from fossil fuels. In addition they are costly to make in environment terms and pose a waste problem at the end of their useful life as they don’t degrade. 
  • Pick soft or fabric toys made from organic cotton, hemp, or other eco-friendly materials. 
  • Think about durability and longevity. The longer a toy will last and be played with, the more sustainable it will be. Wooden toys are a great choice as they are more durable than general plastics. 

Given you some ideas? Check out our range of toys here.

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